Designer Eyewear

At Rupali Optical, our focus is offering the finest quality, the newest styles, as well a variety of sizes and colours. All prescription frames purchased from us come with a lifetime service guarantee.

Whether you are waiting for an appointment to get a new prescription or have a prescription in hand, be sure to get a good head start. Come and see our experienced staff to find the perfect fit for you at Rupali Optician.

Designer Sunglasses

If looking for fashionable sunglasses, sporty or something in between, Rupali Optician offers only the highest quality in polarized and non polarized sunglasses. Our designer collections included Ray-Ban, Idee, Fastrack, Oakley, Vogue, Opium, Rodenstock, Puma, Police etc.

Our sunglasses have full manufactures warranties and a lifetime service guarantee.

Spectacle Lenses

At Rupali optician we offer a verify of spectacle lenses very affordable rates ( range starts from 299/- plastic lenses ) with high quality. We are also pioneers in selling big brands like Essilor, Carl Zeiss, Kodak, American Optical. A full range of brands are available in Rupali Opticians.

Brands In Eyeglass Lenses


In 1993, Essilor launched Varilux Comfort®, a progressive lens that works with the wearer's natural posture, offering broad fields of vision that are easily accessible. If you are looking for a progressive lens that delivers instant adaptation and immediate visual comfort in all your daily activities, then New Varilux Comfort 360° is the right fit for you. This lens is optimized to your prescription and the lens design to offer a high level of performance over the entire surface of the lens.


All Crizal lenses are very transparent. They transmit nearly 100% of light and eliminate glare from artificial light providing many benefits. With a variety of high performance features built right in, Crizal lenses offer the best scratch and shock resistance properties making your lenses last longer. Also, since Crizal lenses don’t require a lot of maintenance, they are less likely to be exposed to the risk of scratches. With Crizal lenses, smudges and fingerprints are easily wiped off. Lenses are cleaned quicker, easier and less frequently. Finally enjoy optimal vision thanks to perfectly clean lenses. Anti-static technology available with most Crizal lenses actually repels dust so your lenses stay cleaner longer. The surface of Crizal lenses is very slick. Water slides off from it very easily. Now, you can enjoy rainy days!

Carl Zeiss

Zeiss has been creating precision eyeglass lenses using freeform lens surfacing technology. Today around 200 million people world wide wear spectacle lenses from Carl Zeiss vision. Carl Zeiss vision is among worlds leaders.

American Optical

The company founded in 1826. in american. Today AO is a well known brand providing high quality spectacle lens at very affordable rates.


Few brands are as recognized or known the world over as kodak. Today, Kodak lenses represent the continuation of this legendary tradition of imagine through advance optical digital technology. Every Kodak lens is individually crafted to the highest possible standards.

Contact Lenses

Did you Know? A variety of contacts are offered at Rupali Optical from daily, bi-weekly and monthly contacts. If you are tired of wearing glasses everyday and want the luxury of contact lenses for sports, holidays or special occasions we're a phone call away. Our first priority it to find the perfect contact lenses for you. The best quality of vision as well as comfort.